Hyundai WRC News

Here at the, one of the recent developments that we have been most excited about is seeing Hyundai create a racing team for the World Rally Championship (WRC).

We know how great Hyundai vehicles are, and how hard they have been working to develop performance vehicles that are equally at home on the road or the track.

This is why we have dedicated an entire page to Hyundai and their WRC endeavors.

Since the team is still in the very early stages of getting into the competition, a lot of what we write about here will be the development of the cars and engines used in the WRC events.

We will also take an in-depth look at the people involved behind the scenes and behind the wheel of the Hyundai race cars.

As you might expect, we will keep you up to date with any and all upcoming events, and will also ensure that you are among the first to hear about the latest racing results.

As Hyundai becomes more involved in the racing world, we expect that this page will start to fill up pretty quickly.

Check back daily to keep up to date with all things Hyundai and the WRC.

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