Walking Dead Veloster Zombie Survival Car Launched

If any automaker is prepared for an impending zombie apocalypse, it would have to be Hyundai.

The Koreans have already delivered a zombie ready Elantra in the past and now they have The Walking Dead-Hyundai Zombie Survival Machine (ZSM for short) on display at Comic-Con in San Diego, only this time it’s a Veloster.

The initial sketches of the ZSM were impressive and that has translated well to the real life car.

Galpin Auto ports were responsible for the sheet metal work, which we can only assume also means the dual fender-mounted guns on the hood.

The interior is pretty much standard issue Veloster, although an escape hatch on the roof looks accessible from inside.

The windshield grates are actually an improvement on the sketch and look sturdy enough to keep the walkers on the outside.

Veloster-SketchIt’s hard to believe that the ZSM began life as a 2013 Hyundai Veloster, which gives an indication of just how this project took on a life of its own.

The addition of chainsaws, double-barrel shotguns, flame throwers and other weaponry on the shell of the car took it from roadworthy to undead fighting machine quicker than you can say undead.

There is also some style to go with all that substance, though, including a Vitamin C color finish, a saw-toothed front grille, hood scoop, forged wheels, and an off-road-style rear bumper.

Zombies will find it hard to gain access to the interior of the vehicle, thanks to an armor-framed windshield that includes barbed wire and wrought iron bars.

The driver of the ZSM may very well have to peek out through the hatch to see where he is going, so heavy is the armory.

If you watch The Walking Dead TV show, you’ll know that close quarters zombie fighting is fairly common.

There are plenty of weapons available in the car for just that scenario, including a spiked baseball bat, a Samurai sword and various knife blades.

There is tons of storage for extra ammo, as well as first-aid kits for the wounded, although we only hope it’s not from a walker bite.

The Veloster might not necessarily be your first choice of vehicle when zombies attack, but this ZSM version most certainly would be.

As well as all the aforementioned weaponry, this Veloster packs a punch under the hood so that you can outrun the swarm.

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