USA: Hyundai Fuel Cell Vehicle Release Date Set For 2015

John Krafcik, CEO of Hyundai Motor America, announced recently that the Hyundai ix35 hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will be released on the US market in 2015.

The fuel cell vehicle, which was first seen at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, will be available in all 50 states. There is no word on whether Hyundai will choose to roll out in coastal regions first, which has been the current trend with other automakers.

The Tuscon SUV platform will be the basis for the ix35 which will begin mass production in 2015.


To date, these types of vehicles have been restricted to experimental or test-fleet status, with the Honda FCX Clarity model being the exception.

Speaking with WardAuto in a recent interview, Krafcik said that that he much prefers the plug-in option to the EV. He expressed no concern about the current lack of hydrogen-refueling station in the US at the moment, saying that it only takes about $1 million to install a station.

Hyundai is of the belief that FCEV’s are the best way to meet the tough emission requirements in the US.

It only takes a few minutes to refuel the ix35 with hydrogen. The propulsion system used in the ix35 will deliver 134 horsepower, and will also have a modular stack that will convert hydrogen to electricity that will power the motor.

There will be very little difference from the performance of a gasoline-powered car. Expect the ix35 to have a top speed of 99.4 mph, whilst going from 0-60 mph in 12.5 seconds. It will have a driving range of 370 miles between fill-ups.

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  1. attaboy says

    50 or 60 bucks for fill-up and 370 mile miles between fill-ups.
    Hope it will be cheaper to buy than current one or it is a non-sense.

  2. Mobis21 says

    This announcement has been anticipated for sometime. The centerpiece obviously, hydrogen fuel cells. Hyundai, having had sufficiently lengthy R&D testing should have worked out all the bugs.

    But there are two challenges with the launch of this new platform, first is cost. What will Hyundai MSRP their first mass produced Hydrogen powered vehicle? And second, selling in sufficient volume to justify gas companies investment in adding hydrogen fuel stations.

    Still, it is very exciting and welcome news from Hyundai.

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