Hyundai To Launch Tucson Fuel Cell Production By 2015

Hyundai has revealed it plans to start a small-scale production of its very-first fuel cell vehicle, the Tucson FCEV, within two years.

The carmaker’s first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle will be based on the Tucson crossover vehicle, which means it will feature the same general exterior and interior appearance as the regular, gasoline propelled Tucson.

Underneath the skin, the Tucson FCEV will incorporate a whole new drivetrain technology with a 100-kilowatt stack that converts the hydrogen into electricity. The electricity then runs the vehicle’s electric motor with the only emission generated being pure water.

The zero emission Tucson SUV will run from 0-62-mph in no more than 12.5-seconds, which is comparable to the current Hyundai Tucson model, actually.

The model will have a top speed of 100mph (160 km/h) and will be able to travel up to 367 miles (or 588 kilometres) with a single tank of hydrogen. Refuling will only take a few minutes giving it a major advantage over the similarly sized full-time electric vehicles.

Production By 2015 And Beyond

After 14 years of intense research & development and nearly 2 million miles of road tests in real-world conditions across the globe, Hyundai seems to be ready to take the car into a serial production.

The carmaker intends to run a small-scale production of the Tucson FCEV initially, with plans to produce up to 1,000 units by the end of 2015.

After 2015, Hyundai aims to ramp up its fuel cell vehicle production to 10,000 units per year and offer the model to private buyers in Europe and USA.

Hyundai’s Fuel Cell Development Viode

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  1. Harold Brooks says

    I purchased a Santa Fe Sport, front wheel drive non turbo when they first came out in the early fall. Hyundai says it will hold 17.4 gallons. I have filled it 22 times since purchase, and can only get 15.3 gallons, at best, in the tank. Has anyone else experienced this? My average miles per gallon is 24.643, and most of that was
    on the highway. Does anybody get the mileage claimed?

  2. Don Hammervold says

    Why not used Ammonia as your hydrogen fuel carrier for you fuel cell vehicle? It is as safe as gasoline to use and doesn’t require high pressure hydrogen gas storage tanks.

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