Spy Pics Of New Genesis Reveal Full LED Headlights

The second generation of the 2014 Hyundai Genesis is almost at the end of the development phase, with the newest prototypes giving a clear indication of the finals shape of the award-winning luxury sedan.

The car will make its first appearance in the latter part of this year and is scheduled to go on sale in the early part of 2014. That will mean a 6-year life cycle for the original Genesis model.


Hyundai has larger global plans for this generation of the new Genesis, though.

Their intentions are made evident by the sleek styling of the new model, which is a look that is sure to appeal to European buyers. As of now, the Genesis has only been available in North America and some parts of Asia.

New Genesis Design

The design is definitely consistent with the newest evolution of the Fluidic Sculpture style, but there are also traces of design used in the Kia K9/Quoris flagship sedan that is available on the global market.

That’s not really surprising since Kia design chief and new president Peter Schreyer is now overseeing the Hyundai design brand, too.

The long, imposing hood, smooth surfaces, short overhangs, and jewel-like headlight are all trademark Schreyer designs.

The final design also has a more modern touch with the addition of LED elements in the headlights, as well as advanced camera and radar monitoring systems.


Future engine options, transmission

The first generation Genesis received a powertrain upgrade last year, so you can expect much of the same on the new model.

What that means is that the second generation Genesis is likely to have a 3,8L V6 rated at 333 horsepower engine under the hood.

If Hyundai keeps the R-Spec label available on the 2014 Genesis, then there will also be a 5,0L V8 rated at 429 horsepower option available.

The 8-speed automatic transmission is likely to stay, but Hyundai also has a 10-speed automatic tranny in the pipeline and that might replace the 8-speed unit sometime soon!

Underneath, the all new 2014 Hyundai Genesis will continue with the current rear-wheel drive platform, although engineers have been working hard to improve handling and dynamics.

The 2014 Genesis will likely be put through its paces at the Nurburing test center, which is still currently under construction.

That particular move is Hyundai’s way of making their vehicle more like its German counterparts, whilst also differentiating it from the Equus, which is a more luxurious offering that is designed for comfort.

2014 Genesis release date

There is a distinct possibility that the 2014 Hyundai Genesis will make its first local appearance at the Los Angeles Auto Sow before it hits showrooms early next year.

That should be followed by a new generation Hyundai Genesis Coupe roughly two years later. [Photo Source: Autospy.net]

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  1. Mobis21 says

    The biggest obstacle that Hyundai engineers need to overcome in the Genesis is the cars unsettled suspension, ride and handling.

    When compared against competitors in its class like the all new Chrysler 300 and Lexus ES 350, for example, the current Genesis falls short in braking and handling.

    Although the 3.8 liter V6 powerplant used in the Genesis has been deservedly awarded numerous accolades, the Tau 5.0 liter V8 used in the R-Spec lacks the pedigree to make it a true performance sedan.

    If Hyundai is able to get the 2014 Genesis geometry underpinnings balanced to perfection, potential luxury buyers would have more compelling reasons to keep the Genesis at the top of their list.

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