2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz Pick-Up Truck: First Official Image Renderings Released

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  1. Joe says:

    The Santa Cruz is said to be based on a mod version of the unibody chassis that underpins the Hyundai Tucson. I really like its taillight design. I’ve seen a Westin bullbar for Honda Ridgeline at 4WheelOnline so I wonder if aftermarket parts like that would look great on the Santa Cruz. I think these two small-sized pickup trucks will compete to the top sales spot. Ford Maverick has been launched too and it would compete aggressively with Santa Fe, as other articles suggest.

  2. Howard says:

    Have been waiting and waiting on the Santa Cruz since I first fell in love with the concept back in 2015. Unfortunately it now looks too feminine for my taste. You lost me on the transition from the hood back along the front door with that triangle design. Not a smooth look. Would have preferred the lines from the rear to continue forward. Just not attracted now to this design coming out. Reminds me of the feminine look of the Honda Ridgeline and Subaru Brat which I never liked. Disappointed after this many years of waiting.
    Think I may now shift over to possibly buying the Ford Maverick.

  3. Ricky Pendergras says:

    I want one…..two door version. Cranberry Red: Black interior: black inside bed; matching cranberry bed cover.
    All wheel drive. This will be my ‘ Sunday car ‘ . ( take trip’s round Texas , ) Park Cruz in the garage. My 2009 Sante Fe will be my ‘ Mon. —–> Sat. car.

    The truck is beautiful ( not a ‘ chick looking kind of truck ‘ )

  4. Stephen Mark says:

    I like these machines: Honda Ridgeline, Ford Maverick, Mazda BT-50, Chevrolet Colorado. Keep on soaring high.

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