Hyundai Santa Cruz Pick-Up Truck Confirmed For Production In 2021

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  1. Noreen Brown-Hughes says:

    I have been watching for the release of the Santa Cruz Pick-Up. Is there anyway to pre-order the vehicle. I have been waiting patiently for the release.


    I Am Interested In Pre-Ordering A 2021 Santa Cruz !!

  3. Mark Hohenwarter says:

    Sign me up for a preorder as well!!

  4. RICHARD L . says:

    Topic, Santa Cruz for 2021. Is it to look like the 2015 photo (sharp, sporty lines) or is to be another traditional 4 door pickup with all doors being large. The 2015 doors had two large doors and two small rear doors. If it is the full size 4 door version, I will go else where to buy-at my age, I do not need 4 doors…

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