Next Tucson SUV To Arrive In 2015, Small Crossover To Follow

Over the next couple of years, Hyundai will replace the existing range of vehicles with a fully redesigned models.

In addition to that, they plan to unveil several all-new models as well.

The small crossover vehicle, positioned below the Tucson SUV is believed to be in the cards, while a cabrio version of the Genesis coupe is also possible.

John Krafcik, president and chief executive officer of Hyundai Motor America, has already commented on how the small crossover vehicle segment is booming, and how Hyundai has, as of yet, been unable to get a decent share of the crossover segment.

Speaking at a company event, Krafcik said that while Hyundai leads the industry in sedans, they are a little lacking in the crossover department.

A look at the automaker’s lineup shows that the Tuscon and Santa Fe are the only representatives that the Koreans currently have.

A look at the numbers shows Hyundai with a 7% share of the US sedan market, compared to only 2% in the truck segment.

While obviously smaller, crossovers and SUV’s fall under the truck umbrella, with the US government placing them there because of fuel economy and emissions standards.

The redesigned 2013 Santa Fe Sport went on sale late last year, with the 7-passenger model arriving in the early part of this year. Sales have been brisk to the point where Hyundai has had problems meeting demand.

The redesigned Hyundai Tuscon is expected to arrive in 2015.

Hyundai Nuvis ConceptKrafcik believes that any future growth potential is most likely to be spurred on by a new crossover vehicle.

While he says that the company has no immediate plans to produce one, he does feel that the data shows it to be the obvious next step.

Krafcik didn’t elaborate on the number of crossovers that might end up added to the US lineup, but he did reveal that the next one may be smaller than the Tuscon.

GM introduced the 2012 Buick Encore this year, using the same platform as the Chevrolet Spark. The German automakers have already revealed plans to sell crossovers of a similar type size.

VW Taigun is scheduled to make its debut in 2016, while Opel Mokka, which is already on sale in Europe, has been recording some significant sales gains lately.

Hyundai US-market boss admitted that it was definitely something Hyundai was going to have to look at, but reiterated that there were no concrete plans.


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