Live Brilliant – Hyundai’s new global brand campaign

Hyundai launches new global brand campaign dubbed Live Brilliant!

Hyundai Motor Company are beloved in their native South Korea, and it’s and adoration that is quickly spreading across the globe.

It’s always been their goal to be the most liked rather than just the biggest company, and they aim to further that goal by launching a worldwide “Live Brilliant” advertising campaign.

That campaign will be an extension of the “Modern Premium” way of thinking that Hyundai adopted as part of their new brand direction.

The accompanying slogan was “New Thinking. New Possibilities” and they now want to show the world how that change has affected the lives of their customers.

The “Live Brilliant” worldwide campaign is a bold step for Hyundai who have previously only advertised on a regional level.

The goal is to build up a consistently positive brand image across every market where Hyundai vehicles are sold, with the focus placed squarely on Hyundai’s enhanced status.

They believe that by taking this campaign global, customers will develop a clearer idea of what the “Modern Premium” vision represents in regards innovation and customer expectation.

Before launching this campaign, Hyundai took the time to have a closer look and the lifestyles and characteristics of their customers to see what they expected from a vehicle.

The results of that study, combined with the “Modern Premium” valued led Hyundai to the concept of “Brilliant.” That is shown in the commercials via a combination of Hyundai’s desire to make customers happy, alongside shiny visuals like sunshine and moonlight.

The ads are broken down into 4 short-film style episodes, with the concepts of Love, Friendship, Self, and Family explored.

“Brilliant” could also apply to the people tasked with putting the commercials together, with award winning director Juergen Bollmeyer showing his skills on celluloid.

Combine that with “Departures,” a song taken from the soundtrack of “Like Crazy,” which just happened to be voted Best Picture at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, and you have a “Brilliant” result.

Hyundai “Live Brilliant” video commercials:

The origins of this campaign can be traced back to the 2011 North American Auto Show, which is where Hyundai announced the “Modern Premium” brand direction, as well as the accompanying “New Thinking. New Possibilities” slogan.

The concept hinged on the belief that Hyundai believed that customers wanted more from their card than just features that were only really there for the sake of having them. They believed that a car is more than a way to get about, and should be viewed as a “Life Space.”

As part of the development of their brand management strategy, Hyundai put together a string of innovative marketing strategies, including the “Mega Orgel” corporate ad.

In that ad, 427 stunt drivers created an audio piece to complement the new slogan, all while driving Sonatas. That, as well as other activities, boosted the value of Hyundai by a staggering 19.3 percent, whilst also earning them Interbrand’s Best Global Brands 2011.

Hyundai’s Live Brilliant campaign gets started this month and will slowly start to spread across the world, country by country. Don’t just expect to see the ads on TV, but also in print and digital media as well.

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  1. Royalsparky says

    Just watched the lot of commercials that are up and coming….wow! Emotionally charged and thought provoking. Carrying this to the Brand level of Hyundai would be a crowning achievement and put the world on notice that Hyundai has indeed arrived and is here to stay. Congratulations to all involved in this feat of artistry and expression. Kudos to Hyundai.

  2. simon lucas says

    “Live Brilliant” is bad English!!! It must be “Live Brilliantly”. Please ask you advertising agency to correct it. It is absurd that a major international car manufactureer works with an agency that does not know English!!

  3. absurdadagency says

    ask apple’s ad agency why they decided to use ‘think different’ than ‘think differently’.

    its meant to convey a message and not necessarily follow grammar. btw, watch your spelling as well simon.

    • Kern Lewis says

      Dear Absurd;
      Why can’t we have both? “Live Brilliantly” is much more melodic, and supports the aspiration and lyricism of the campaign better than the clunky, punchy “live brilliant.”
      As for Apple, they chose “Think different” as a purposeful message. The grammatical error fit the “think in a new way” message brilliantly (if you will!)

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