Live Brilliant – Hyundai’s new global brand campaign

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  1. Royalsparky says:

    Just watched the lot of commercials that are up and coming….wow! Emotionally charged and thought provoking. Carrying this to the Brand level of Hyundai would be a crowning achievement and put the world on notice that Hyundai has indeed arrived and is here to stay. Congratulations to all involved in this feat of artistry and expression. Kudos to Hyundai.

  2. simon lucas says:

    “Live Brilliant” is bad English!!! It must be “Live Brilliantly”. Please ask you advertising agency to correct it. It is absurd that a major international car manufactureer works with an agency that does not know English!!

  3. absurdadagency says:

    ask apple’s ad agency why they decided to use ‘think different’ than ‘think differently’.

    its meant to convey a message and not necessarily follow grammar. btw, watch your spelling as well simon.

    • Kern Lewis says:

      Dear Absurd;
      Why can’t we have both? “Live Brilliantly” is much more melodic, and supports the aspiration and lyricism of the campaign better than the clunky, punchy “live brilliant.”
      As for Apple, they chose “Think different” as a purposeful message. The grammatical error fit the “think in a new way” message brilliantly (if you will!)

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