2020 Hyundai Kona EV Release Dates: US, Canada, Europe, Korea

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  1. Brian Kirby says:

    When can I pre order the Hyundai kona EV PREMIUM SE ultimate? I am willing to pay an deposit to secure the EV Kona with its recommended charging system for my home!

  2. HUGH MCBRIDE says:

    This is the car to beat. Hyundai you have about 12-18 months before Tesla start taking away your market share out side of the US . I would be grabbing as much market share as humanly possible in that time, now everything is limited , in Ireland we get the Fisher-Price version , no cruise control , hud , single spec no choice as Kona EV greatest advocate it is turning me away.

  3. Brian says:

    So why cant I go to SOUTHERN Ga and get an EV Kona? I live in southwest Florida and I’ve been told that Hyundai won’t have these cars available here? Call me at 9414418405 anytime as I really want to buy this car thank you

  4. Brian says:

    Someone needs to call the cabinet of the PRESIDENT and tell him that Obama made an executive order calling it the act of compliance which means Hyundai is forced by his goofy law not to sell EV cars in states that don’t comply with his delusional EPA RULES AND REGULATIONS THAT SAY THERE NEEDS TO BE AN INFRASTRUCTURE TO SUPPORT THE ECONOMY (TAXES) SO NOW WE THE CUSTOMERS WHO WANT OUR CARS FUELED BY OUR POWER COMPANIES INSTEAD OF THE MURDEROUS GROUP THAT CONTROL THE OIL AND GAS COMPANIES! PLEASE REVERSE THIS LAW PRESIDENT TRUMP JUST THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH ENERGY 62% COMES FROM CLEAN COAL!!!

  5. Kevin S Holcomb says:

    Apparently the Kona electric is not available in Washington. Seems crazy to go to the trouble of designing a car and not even offering it for sale.

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