2020 Huyndai Kona Released In US; What’s New & Changed?

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  1. Norma A Miller says:

    Interested in finding out when Hyundai’s SUV s (most interested in the Kona) will be available in a hybrid engine ( not electric)

    • Miha Dolenc says:

      Hyundai Kona hybrid is already available in Europe. Unfortunately, we don’t have the information about when it goes on sale in U.S.

  2. Ramon Pujol says:

    When kona hybrid coming to usa

  3. bob says:

    I sell Hyundai cars in U.S. and we got no reports on Kona hybrid coming to US at this point. Could be in 2021, though.

  4. John says:

    USA needs Kona Hybrid!!!!!

  5. Frank says:

    A Kona Hybrid would outcompete the RAV4 Hybrid. I don’t think there are any inexpensive subcompact SUV hybrids. What is taking Hyundai so long? They may miss my purchase window.

  6. Teresa says:

    Still holding out for the Kona hybrid. Any updates? Will it be available for 2021?

  7. Guy says:

    USA market would gobble this up, both FWD and AWD models, since there’d be nothing else in the class for the reasonable price. It would create a class of its own, essentially.

  8. barry quackenbush says:

    i would be first in line to purchase a kona hybrid awd. I have been researching and nothing like it is out there in the USA. Lexus ux too expensive with the horrible run flats. Rav4 too big. Only thing maybe would be the Yaris Cross in Europe. hope Hyundia does the right thing.

  9. JFW says:

    We may need to settle for the comparable subcompact hybrid suv—- the Corolla Cross

  10. Diego says:

    Now that Biden is elected the mpg requirements will go up. Maybe Hyundai will follow GM and bail out of the California lawsuit and market the Kona hybrid in the US.

  11. Paul Conner says:

    Still waiting. First company that comes out with a subcompact SUV hybrid with AWD for the U.S. market is the winner. (right now best bet is on HONDA HRV but it has not been announced yet)

  12. Dumbshits says:

    No Kona Hybrid in US is STUPID! I’m Buying a Rav4 Hybrid. Another lost sale for Hyundai.

  13. Pat says:

    Yes please have a kona hybrid for the usa

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