Hyundai i20 In USA And Canada; Is It Available in 2020?

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  1. Ron Hehlinger says:

    Please bring the I20 to the US. Not everyone wants a SUV !!!!!!

  2. Fred Jones says:

    You’d think someone in “Marketing” would see , “This is a question we get asked almost every day.” and think…..hey there seems to be interest in this car here hem….. Maybe just MAYBE, we don’t want what you think we want….but actually we want an i20!!!!!!! NOT AN ACCENT which IS NOT AN i20!!!!!!!! So! HEY MARKETING DEPARTMENT!!! Give us the i20! or if you like (you just have to be right, ’cause you know what WE WANT more than we do) take the i20 badges off and replace them with Accent badges for the North American market and we ALL WIN!!!!

  3. Don Norman says:

    Fred Jones……well said!

  4. Rich Melton says:

    Ridiculous laws in the US prevent us from getting all the great European market cars. In reality the US car companies know they wouldn’t survive if they let in the awesome vehicles everyone else gets. Same with everything in the US, it’s a lesser version of what’s available to everyone else. From chocolate to cars, US brands only survive because they don’t let in any real competition.

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