Hyundai Veloster coupe teaser image/video confirms official NAIAS 2011 debut

By Hyundai-Blog

Hyundai Motor America launches the official countdown page for its all-new Veloster Coupe.

Hyundai Motor America is all-set to take the wraps off its latest new entry-level sports coupe called Veloster. The all-new Hyundai Veloster will make its official worldwide premiere at the 2011 North American International Auto Show, which kicks off on the 10th of January.

The South Korean largest carmaker today released an official countdown page where you can sign-up to receive updates on the car’s official launch. The page features a Veloster teaser image and reveals the car’s front fascia lay-out, highlighted by a set of striking LED headlamps.

The other part of Hyundai’s pre-launch media campaign includes a teaser video uploaded to, which adds some information regarding Veloster’s powertrain technology. As expected, the all-new Hyundai Veloster will be fitted with engines featuring gasoline direct injection -GDI technology. A dual-clutch automatic transmission will also be available for the first time in a Hyundai vehicle.

Hyundai Veloster teaser video:

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7 Responses to Hyundai Veloster coupe teaser image/video confirms official NAIAS 2011 debut

  1. Peter says:

    “Entry-level cars are powered by a 138bhp 1.6-litre direct injection petrol engine, with flagship models getting a 205bhp turbo version of the same engine”

  2. EB says:

    Let’s hope they fixed that rear window sight line issue. The last design I saw on this car had a horrible rear end design. You could not see any thing behind you. Really bad in the winter if you are relying on camera lenses to be your visual tools. Talk about frost, ice, and condensation.

  3. john p says:

    My biggest concern of this car is pricing, keep it far south of the Genesis Coupe & it will be a winner! Base engine 138 hp?

  4. Heywood Joblome says:

    Anyone heard any concrete information when the new 2012 Hyundai Accent will be unveiled? Will it arrive with the 5 door hatchback at the same time as the 4 door sedan?

  5. attaboy says:

    upscaling the Hyundai lineup mean an upgraded price for a better quality product.
    If they put 205 hp grinder in the Veloster, thanks god!
    Don’t hope for cheaper price tag and Genesis coupe will get V8 and drop obsolete L4 2.0T and get the look of mercedes 550 Coupe!
    This is upscaling!

  6. john p says:

    Just remember, if they start going upscale I think they will lose customer base. There are still alot of people that don’t take Hyundai seriously, I for one am not one of them,ten years ago I wouldn’t have considered one of their cars, in the last five years I’ve totally changed my view of the product they offer!

  7. john p says:

    Affordable is the name of the game for this car, people aren’t ready or willing to pay premiun prices for a Hyundai not just yet!

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