Hyundai Veloster 2012 3 door specs, engine details

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  1. tch says:

    simply awesome !!!!!!!!!

  2. nikola says:

    beautifull!!! better than the concept!

  3. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Another Polarizing car from Hyundai, but this is even more controversial than the others.

    This car is getting 2 different extreme reactions from the various threads. “Im in Awe and this is super sweet, sign me up”, or “This is absolutely repulsive, get it away from me now.”

  4. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Lots of people bickering over it right now. Talk about the Genesis Coupe of small cars, yeah.

  5. attaboy says:

    this is the Tiburon story repeating “very nice design” or “no way… it is not good at all” sell will tell!

  6. john p says:

    About what I expected, I like it though!

  7. john p says:

    And as far as pricing goes, after this car is out a year there will be discounts on it so don’t get too shook up over pricing. Cars in this class have a short shelf life!

  8. ET-owner says:

    I guess I like it.

  9. Kreator says:

    The employees of the competitors might have laughed upon seeing this. This time Hyundai disappointed. Wtf with the apron on the bumper and those exaggerated lines on the rear?

  10. EB says:

    Wow, as a design professional, I will say from concept to preproduction to production this is the first time I actually thought that this would be their worst car yet! However, their execution to a production vehicle keeping in step with their newly established design trend was well excuted! This is a very “stylish car” and not the bland, conservative designs we are used to from Hyundai past. I think this car will appeal to a unique taste and younger set. Like others here, I belive this will be a best seller or a complete bomb with nothing in between. I actually like it. This shows that Hyundai know how to produce cutting edge design without making a and underdeveloped “production concept car” like most car companies have been doing lately where there are so may bugs in the design. This, IMO shows true mature design from concept to a pretty original production car.

  11. Serge Maltais says:

    It’s not that bad, but i have to say that there are some details i don’t like : the exterior hatch release just doesn’t go with the rest of the design and what’s up with the black… things in the front (sorry, english is not my primary language, i just don’t know how to describe them!)
    ? But the thing i really don’t like, is the 3rd door gimmick. It’s useless for me, and i can’t get passed the fact that it’s not symetric. Good looking on the driver’s side, ugly on the passenger’s side. I like the interior though. A question : is the rearview camera standard? It has to be, otherwise i’d call this a safety hazard. So i guess i’ll have to settle on a new elantra, even though the Veloster will certainly be more fun to drive…

  12. omicron says:

    The camera is optional and the black thing in front is the bottom grill area I guess.

  13. Lowry says:

    I drove 300 miles to see this car at the detroit auto show, and it was well worth it. At a solid 6′ 5″ I fit perfectly in it’s cabin, and the car looks better in real life.As a whole, it should be a fantastic gen y car.

  14. john p says:

    I agree with ya Lowry I drove two hours to see this car, very excited bout it , I’m 6’1″ and was very comfortable, Btw I’m 40 and want this as my next car!

  15. Drew L. says:

    Not near enough power. They needed the 40 mpg 1.8L from the 2011 elantra AT LEAST! Sporty styled cars designed for twenty somethings need to back up that design with some power under the hood. I’m impressed with the car. But extremely disappointed in the 1.6L powerplant that’s expected to put out 140HP. Come on, Hyundai! That curb weight better be extremely low.

  16. Phil says:

    I like the three door, especially for a small vehicle the hatch help to make it practical. The design in the rear has improved from what was on the concept, but it still needs more work. As for the capacity of the engine still comes down to the ratio of vehicle weigh to hp ratio, and another important factor is the drag coefficient which Hyundai is well versed in its application.

    Recommend going over the lines of the vehicle reduce sharp angles, and put it out on the blog for another comment cycle.

    At first site of the concept vehicle I was thinking it was a lost cause, but I’ve seen some good effort being put into it, and it is close, but its not ready yet to start machining the dyes.

  17. modepaz says:

    They could have put more power 138 HP this car better weight literally nothing goodlooking car but it’s not going to have the same punch as the genesis atleast 160 HP to compete with it’s competition but who knows it might be super duper light

  18. DrDeathEMS says:

    Don’t try to look like a sport coup if you only get 138 horsepower… too slow.. wwah waaaa

  19. Eddie Cuchel says:

    without a back up camera I would not buy the veloster I was told you have to buy navagation to get it that is stupid I would pay extra but I dont need navagation it should be standard but a charge would be ok with me I think it is a safty element and should be standard

  20. keith1954 says:

    Gen Y? The car is finally going to be available this coming week and have the dealer ready to let me know when it is in. I do mostly city driving so I am not too worried about it being only a 1.6L. I have a 2009 Versa hatchback now, so almost anything is going to look sportier to me! The Juke was too clunky for me and I didn’t feel comfortable in the seat of that car, so I am hoping I like the Veloster’s ride and feel. We will see shortly!

  21. L. C. Tyler says:

    I’d have to say that Hyundai and KIA have both truly stepped up their game tremendously. Especially since the hardcore cheapo junk boxes of the 80’s Hyundai hit the streets with in the U.S. auto market. Every new year brings us another even more attractively styled line of cars backed by solid warranties from Hyundai. Leaving a new car buyer wondering why not to buy a new Hyundai rather than why should they. I’d love to own a new Genesis Sport Coupe, a new Sonata Hybrid and I’m liking the styling of this new Veloster… A quick little sporty hatchback with a sweet interior along with a 3rd door for those times when you need to get storage better organized from an opposing vantage point…a great combo and an all around great buy. I’m sure the styling refinements of its successive years will produce even better lines than the already beautiful ones its debut model already has. The concept was nice looking – this refined retail model is hot and with some tweaks will be a smokin lil ride. Tricking out a little hatch burner like this could be fun. Especially combined with it’s sporty cloaked utilitarian side. The hatch area could be used for some cool mods and sound. Way to go Hyundai. Korea is definitely putting some serious competition to the pavement these days. It’s a good thing because it forces our beloved U.S. manufacturers to keep their own game fresh to compete the likes of Korea, Japan, Italy(once the Fiat 500 arrives) and all the other foreign auto makers. Don’t ya just love the world of automotive design!?! I sure as hell do!

  22. rcontra says:

    This is absolutely bogus. Why 3 doors? What is the use of it? Plus the whole car is copied from Honda CR-Z. It’s time hyundai stop making cars. 3-doors car. What in the world they were thinking?

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