Hyundai SUV & CUV Model Expansion Plans

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  1. Denis says:

    B segment is very very very late for hyundai all others allready in this segment !
    Hyundai miss the boat!
    It is not a 2018 model arriving in late 2017, it will be in 2018 lately… a 2019 my ?!

  2. Archknight says:

    I’m actually excited about the next gen Santa Fe, since the current model updates have made quite the impression. My best friend bought a 2017 with the Ultimate package, which is very impressive for the money considering all the features it has. The 2018/19 MY should up the ante since Genesis won’t be getting it’s first CUV until 2019 and they could push a more premium look and feel especially where your arms rest. A little more focus on wind noise would be helpful as well, living in CO the cabin isn’t as hushed at higher speeds as you would expect.

    I’m curious as to the engine and transmission combo as well. Hyundai has the new FWD 8AT, which hasn’t been used in any of their models. While the 2.0T will probably be upgraded, they should offer the 3.3L V6 to take on Ford’s 2.7L EcoBoost in the Edge. They should also let Mr. Biermann in on the chassis and handling feel, since the current Santa Fe Sport doesn’t feel sporty at all.

  3. trevor says:

    If they are upsizing the Santa Fe to a larger suv, they should convert it to a proper Hyundai 4×4 like a prado and keep tuson in the mid size suv with all wheel drive

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