Hyundai Sonata and Genesis sedan make it to America’s top 40 new cars

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  1. EB says:

    Here is a little trivia for you. If anyone in America is a Monk fan… (the name of a long running popular TV show about an eccentric detective) you may notice that Natalie.. Adrian Monks’ assistant, recently purchased a new car… that car…
    … is a Hyundai Genesis Sedan… Wow, a Hyundai on TV. You couldn’t predict that 1 year ago.

    Note my comment on Feb 26th 2009. :)

  2. Alex S says:

    Completely unrealated to the article but the car in the picture looks HOT. Feelin’ those rims and exhaust tailpipes.
    Looks sick in black but that titanium/taupe looks pretty crisp as well..

  3. JoshyLofty says:

    EB – my mom watches that show & i happened to SEE that episode! i was like “OMG MOM! THAT… is a Genesis!” (i say that cuz i’ve been telling her to trade in her Optima for a Genesis & she’d never seen one. she now wants one cuz Natalie has one. haha! whatever works!!!

    Alex— i agree 110%!!! that Genesis is HOT!

  4. EB says:

    Yet that car IS hot!… the tinted glass and the performance rims and tires puts the car in a whole new …uhmmm… category. See, that was my point with my previous comment, if Genesis is on the top 40 new car list, then you may start to see it everywhere…including TV. And, based on this image, it may become an American cult classic like the Chrysler 300C where some people have started a whole “DUBlike” movement to “trick”,”pimp”,or personalize their “rides” in various competitive markets! :)
    That’s impressive for a car that isn’t a domestic model.

    Go Hyundai!

  5. speed_kills says:

    Here’s another one… the Genesis sedan was featured in the ongoing “24” season not long ago. It was in an episode wherein Morris dropped off Chloe to the FBI Washington office.

    Camera even paused for at least a second to highlight the “H” logo.

  6. buzzg07 says:

    YES! and the Genesis logo looks great on the car to! Hyundai should atleast sell the genesis badging as an option/accessory in north america. It also looks good on korean/european one with logo ontop of the hood. (Hyundai couldve used genesis logos to make genesis its own brand in NA and not have to spend biliions on dealerships and such. Just but a different badge on the car!)

  7. Glenn says:

    At the Hyundai near my house, you have the option of getting the Genesis emblem or tradition Hyundai one. I would do the Genesis one with black on black and rims..mmmMmmm

  8. John says:

    I have a gut feeling that, the hyundai sonata is going to be a let down.

  9. HyundaiSmoke says:

    It shouldnt be allowed in North America, or those badges should be sold as special collectors editions with limited quantities. Maybe only 100 a year.

  10. Frank says:

    what rims are those… aunt is getting a 3.8 Genesis sedan on Wednesday 4/18.

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