Hyundai HCD-3 Concept – World’s First 2-Door Crossover Vehicle

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  1. EB says:

    Well, I must say that the team in California is innovative and creative, but when they try to put the two concepts together…here, an offroad sports car, the overall design suffers. I notice that the HDC Team seams to always resort to trying to add the offroad theme to the mix. I guess it’s all those beach goes they are trying to appeal to. :) Unfortunately for them, Koreans don’t share that same cultural activity… or that same climate an geography which is probably why the theme never gets off the ground. Although the HDC is very American, Hyundai is still an Asian/ Koraen company. It also seems like… on the opposite.. Koreans… probably because of this thought process of the HDC, are reluctant to introduce their more luxurious cars here. Maybe this is why the mother company didn’t think the Genesis or the Equus would sell well here…. out side of the predjudice we developed in the 80’s with some of their problem ladened Ecxels.

    This is a nice car but it looks like they were trying too hard to cram it all in. I don’t know… any thoughts? Sorry, I’ll get off my soap box now. :) 😀

  2. Alex S says:

    Ummm.. No.

  3. E. Kay says:

    Maybe, the company or the world wasn’t ready for the innovative concept back then. Now the same company (well.. with a different badge, of course) released it’s redundance of the 14 year-old concept, under the name “Soul’ster”, and got appreciated.

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