Hyundai Genesis (2014) to become a game-changer

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  1. Ralph Hoffman says:

    I’am driving my third genesis sedan,I hope you out do your selves.I have the 2012 R-Sec,and waiting for the 14.

  2. nicole says:

    I am a proud HMMA team-member! Our focus is quality for our customers! Buy any of our cars, and u will be happy. I love the new concept of the 2014 genesis! Gooooo HMMA!

    • Bill Fisher says:

      My lease is up October 1st and I sure would like to know if I will have the new Genesis available or if I am going to get another car instead. I am not buying another Genesis of this generation and my other option is a Ford Flex.

  3. A fast growing company (HYUNDAI) that makes it fun to go to work. Hearing our compition say how much they like our cars. How far we have come as will. Many Thanks to you Hyundai.

    • Bill fisher says:

      Robert, I have been scouring the web daily for more clues on the final design of the 2014 Genesis Sedan. I’ve bought my mother two different Genesis sedans and one for me. My lease is up October 1st and was hoping my next car will be the 2014 Genesis but I just can’t bring myself to but a fourth car of the same generation. I wish Hyundai would be more clear on when hey will release the next new Genesis.

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