Hyundai Equus 2013: Colors, Engine Specs, Dimensions, Tires

The 2013 Hyundai Equus is the flagship vehicle for the Korean automaker, delivering luxury and a new level of customer experience into the ownership mix.

The high-end luxury sedan is a major victory for Hyundai, as it has exceeded all original sales and market share expectations since its release.

Rather than rest on the laurels of those successes, Hyundai is choosing to build upon the momentum gained from last years powertrain upgrades by adding a White Satin Pearl exterior and Saddle interior to the 2013 Equus color palette’s.

5,0L V8 engine, suspension

Hyundai Equus 2013 (Model Year) delivers a real jolt of power, thanks to the direct-injected 5,0L V8 engine.

This is Hyundai’s most powerful gasoline engine to date,  delivering 429 horsepower via an 8-speed manual transmission.

Their V8 engine, which belongs to the “Tau” engine family, is an award winner, having been named to Ward’s Ten Best Engines list back in 2011.

The Equus is a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the thirs in the Hyundai auto lineup, with an impressive 52/48 front-to-rear weight distribution that allows for better handling and steering.

The lightweight body design means that the vehicle delivers an improved driving experience, with a even quieter ride for drivers.

The new Equus luxury sedan has an incredibly spacious cabin, yet still manages to do so with a relatively lightweight body structure.

This is achieved with the use of high-tensile steel in a number of different areas throughout the vehicle.

Luxury sedan drivers have an expectation of quality driving dynamics, whi the Equus delivers, without having to compromise elsewhere. The 2013 Equus comes with electronically-controlled air suspension that delivers a smooth ride regardless of road surface conditions.

Drivers who prefer a firmer ride will enjoy the sport setting on the Equus, which delivers increased stability when cornering. Driving in the normal setting will allow drivers to sit back and enjoy a softer ride.

The Equus also handles beautifully in urban settings, especially when it comes time to park. Great steering and an electronic rear backup parking assist feature make fitting into tight spaces a snap.

With a 39.6 foot turning circle and variable-effort steering system, the Equus never feels big and clumsy.

The Equus performs equally well on winding country roads, with its five-link front and rear suspension geometry delivering precise wheel control. The Equus comes with Continuous Damping Control (CDC), which adjusts damping force based on road and driving dynamics.

2013 Equus Tires, Colors

The vehicle also comes standard with 19-inch alloy wheels and staggered width tires:  P245/45R19 front P275/40R19 rear.

The Hyundai Equus 2013 comes with four exterior color options and three interior themes.

As mentioned earlier, the White Satin Pearl and Saddle combo has been added to the mix for 2013. Look for a new Gran Perimo Gray exterior color to replace the Granite Gray starting next September.

Exterior colors are White Satin Pearl, Black Noir Pearl, Granite Gray/Gran Premio Gray and Platinum Metallic. Interior themes are Cashmere with genuine Birch Burl wood, Jet Black with genuine Walnut wood and Saddle with genuine Walnut wood.

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