Hyundai Curb Crossover concept vehicle to debut at Detroit Auto Show

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  1. Luke says:

    Is this hyundai’s answer to the kia soul. Version rather.

  2. john p says:

    A version of the soul with a better engine & 6 speed would do the trick, nice lines too!

  3. Luke says:

    I wish there were pictures of the front and rear, rather then the useless interior picture.

  4. Alex_S says:

    sick lines. This is just as good looking as the Audi Q5 (and I think the Q5 was the best looking SUV out there). Pretty amazing stuff out of the Hyundai camp these days. Simple awesome

  5. HyundaiSmoke says:

    ix25 in Europe.

    Either Curb or Accent-ix everywhere else.

    I really like the Soul, but the engines are trash. That Elantra with only 148 HP is kind of pushing it too. Why is it taking so long to get that 2.0 GDI online?

    1.6 GDI
    1.6 GDI Turbo
    1.6 Hybrid

    That’s all a Subcompact crossover like this wound need.

    We’ll see Monday, but I bet it’s probably less than 165 inches long, or smaller than a current Gen Accent sedan.

    I’ll guess 163 inches long, tops.

  6. Ash says:

    There’s already an ix25 in europe? or do you mean the next one?

  7. HyundaiSmoke says:

    That’s ix20 Ash.




    The Global cars like: Accent/Verna/Solaris, Elantra/Avante, Sonata/YF, Azera/Grandeur, Genesis/Rohens, Equus= i-5 cars

    The i-0 cars are EU/Australia-Oceania/India ONLY.

    The i-5 cars are Global Cars for European and Australian use.

  8. HyundaiSmoke says:

    Elantra=i35, and i35=ix35=Tucson

    Sonata=i45, and i45=ix45=Santa Fe

    Azera=i55, and i55=ix55= The Soon to be Discontinued in favor of a LWB Santa Fe-Veracruz

  9. yasser says:

    I think this will be the santa fe concept .

  10. attaboy says:

    it is rather small for a new Santa Fe who is habitualy build on the Sonata wheelbase!

  11. Matrixloader says:

    i would like to see the new 1.6 gdi from the veloster or the 1.8 nu from the elantra on the kia models like the soul and forte soon. there is an MPG WAR on the rise here.

    honda said the next civic will dump the 1.8 for either a 1.5 or 1.6L motor to keep up with competitors mpg.

    I still think hyundai is going to spank everyone in this segment.

  12. john p says:

    Please bring this to market Hyundai!

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