Hyundai Curb concept hints at future small crossover vehicle

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  1. EB says:

    Change the front end and get rid of the bottom line on the door but keep the top (to look like and extended boomerang) and this is a nice CUV! Just some thoughts.

  2. EB says:

    I like the last image better. The side view with bottom half in shadow, not showing the second line… looks better. I think the bottom of the door should have the door protector like the Tucson.

  3. Alex_S says:

    That is one unbelievable concept. Hopefully they build it and don’t water it down too much. Looks like flames on the tires..a nice fun touch.

    Sweet job..

  4. Alex_S says:

    22″ shoes. Keep that for the top end, exclusive version. Really hope this build this but where would it slot in vs competitors? Up against Juke/Puke? Or CRX/RAV4? Similar size as Equinox?

  5. john p says:

    If Hyundai built thid or something similar it would sell, i would consider it!

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