Hyundai Avante LPi hybrid receives more than 1,000 orders

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Hyundai receives more than 1,000 orders for its first hybrid car!

Two weeks ago, Hyundai announced it will commence the sales of its first ever mass produced hybrid car – called Avante LPi hybrid – in South Korea on 8th of July. On the same day two weeks ago, Hyundai also began accepting pre-launch orders for its Avante LPi hybrid car.

The all-new Hyundai hybrid car, first of a kind in South Korea and also globally, is powered by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and uses lithium polymer batteries. Technically, it is based on Hyundai Avante sedan, which is also known as Hyundai Elantra overseas, but it slightly differentiates itself from a gasoline powered sibling model by updates made to the exterior as well as interior.

As mentioned, over the past four-teen days, Hyundai has been accepting pre-launch orders for its Avante LPi hybrid and today, the Korean largest carmaker revealed the numbers received over the two week period. According to the official statement, Hyundai received more than 1,000 orders for its first hybrid car.

The orders exceed initial expectations considering that Korean customers are still largely unacquainted with hybrid vehicles and that Avante LPI Hybrids price is expected to be higher than the conventional gasoline version, even with the governments tax incentives.

hyundaiavantelpi Hyundai Avante LPi hybrid receives more than 1,000 orders

Majority of Avante/Elantra buyers in South Korea have traditionally been younger consumers, but in the case of Avante LPi hybrid customers  are evenly distributed across all age groups. Among Avante LPi buyers 11 percent buyers fall into 20-29 age bracket, 26 percent in the 30-39, 27 percent in the 40-49, while the rest were aged above 50 years or older.

In the first year, Hyundai expects to sell around 8,000 units of Avante LPi hybrid across the country. The model will be priced between 20 million won ($15,832) to 23 million won ($18,050).

About the Avante LPi hybrid car

Hyundai Avante LPi is the worlds first hybrid car propelled by a liquefied petroleum injected (LPi) engine and also the first hybrid car in the world that utilizes the lithium polymer battery technology. It is Hyundais first true foray into a mass hybrid car market, currently dominated by Japanese automakers Honda and Toyota.

The Avante LPi hybrid car, which is powered by 1.6L LPi Gamma engine and a 15kW (105 Nm) electric motor mates the engine and electric motor to a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and emits only 99 g/km of CO2 and 90 percent less emissions than a gasoline powered Elantra model.

The hybrid also features styling tweaks that differentiate it from gasoline powered Avante models. The most obvious styling updates can be seen on the vehicles more agressive front fascia, which incorporates a two-bar chrome grille, updated headlights – applied with LED technology – and sportier front bumper.

The all-new Avante LPi hybrid is also a “twin” model of Kias upcoming Forte LPi hybrid car, which goes on sale in South Korea in mid-August.

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10 Responses to Hyundai Avante LPi hybrid receives more than 1,000 orders

  1. John says:

    WOW, Thats cheap for a hybrid…as for the 1000 pre orders…something hyundai should get accustomed to if they continue to make good cars

  2. Rob says:

    I want those headlights! Hopefully something like that becomes available on Ebay or KAI.

  3. Kit says:

    Hi, Sorry to off topic. I just want to ask who are able find the new of Hyundai change or cut off low quality supplier ? I remember i saw one of these article.
    Please help me find it coz i wanna prove to my parents that the Hyundai Elantra i brought is not a mistake!!!!

  4. Kit says:

    Sorry, wrong spelling. ‘find the “news” of Hyundai ‘

  5. Smoke says:

    Big Deal, Iam tired of seeing these things. You have gas Hyrbids, and have been testing them for years. Get them out on the market soon, Please? The fact that I know you have a 1.6L Gamma Hybrid Engine/Small Car Petrol Hybrid System, and youre keeping the details under wraps while showing this LPG crap is really starting to bother me.

    These things dont even apply to the average person who lives outside of Korea or China where LPG is widely available. You guys talk about Bringing up fuel efficiency with smaller displacement engines. Us here in America will have a hard time swallowing the Idea of 89 or even 103 HP Accents and Rios. That might be a great Environmental move, but not a great sales move. Have good Turbos and put them on your 1.2L Kappa, 1.4L and 1.6L just for the North American, Korean, and Austrailian Markets. And bring your 1.6L Hybrid Small car system over.

    By the way, in 2005 when you guys announced that the Accent and Rio were coming with a Hybrid system many Americans got very excited to only be dissappointed in the delays. Just go to some of the US environmental Car Fourms where comments like these are prevalent:

    1. “I would have bought the Accent or Rio if it was a Hybrid, but I bought the Honda Fit instead.”

    2. “The Hybrid Accents and Rio are taking too long, so Iam going to get a Prius.”

    The demand for Hybrid small cars is here, you guys arent delivering and yet again and again the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive cars are kicking your asses. I want to trade my 2007 Accent for the 2011 Accent, but you guys are going to have to deliver; especially since Toyota is getting ready to drop the Hybrid Corolla.

  6. Alex S says:

    I can see this vehicle doing well in S.Korea where fuel prices are much higher than the US and a good first step..

  7. alcyone says:

    Smoke: This car is for Korea’s domestic market so I don’t see how you’re upset about this car. It looks like a great product and just because it’s not for the US you don’t need to dis the car. I don’t know if this car will be exported to China but it would make sense since China is a really important market right now, and perhaps it was determined that getting this product out first was more profitable to the company. Yes, its unfortunate there is still no hybrid models out yet here in the US but I’m sure they’re working on it. I’d rather wait and get a great car instead of a half-assed one that rushed into the market for an opportunistic move. The economy and gas prices aren’t going to get better soon so whenever they release them it will make money so they’re probably not rushing into it. But yeah I do want to see them sooner than later.

  8. Patrick says:

    Haha Alex S so true… They’re always complaining that the price it too high per gallon, etc, etc!!! I would LOVE to trade prices lol~

  9. Smoke says:

    alcyone, but like I said they have been tetsing small car hybrid systems for 7-8 years now. In after 7-8 of development we dont have a mass production of B (Accent, i20, Rio, Soul, No.3, i20 MPV) and C Segment (Elantra, Forte, C’eed) Hybrid cars yet?

    Man, that system better be the utmost flawless high quality. They made a lot of people looking for a lower cost Hybrid wait 3-4 years due to delay after delay. First Kinks in the System, then Strikes, then Development Costs, Then Cost to the market, and now they have good cost effective powertrains yet they want us to wait another Year to 18 months to the date of sale. It makes me sick!!!

  10. Ryan says:

    Tohyundai blog administrator: This is Ryan, the owner of blog!

    I’d like to ask you to remove this photo copied from my blog website.

    This photo is mine!

    Please do that immediately or you should linked my blog domain below the photo!

    Thank you and best regards!


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