HND-9 Concept Car Image Rendering Released

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  1. Mobis21 says:

    The HND-9 is one impressive looking concept that may in fact be a prelude to Hyundai’s upcoming redesigned Genesis Coupe. A give away is its rear wheel design and their 3.3 liter turbocharged V6 pushing 370 horsepower at the rear. No doubt chopping weight to a minimum and by managing to bring it as close to a 50/50 weight ratio is most likely influencing the decision to go with the smaller V6.

    Although one wonders if Hyundai made room for a V8 in the HND-9’s under hood layout? It would be a welcome surprise if it did. But I wouldn’t put it past Hyundai to eschew the V8 in place of more turbocharging. The 3.8 V6 could be an excellent V8 replacement and with a bit of boosting could hit easily hit 440 horsepower.

    Speculation is all we have at the moment to ponder however, I am sure pleasant surprises are certainly in store as these are indeed interesting times for the new and as of yet, unrevealed Genesis Coupe.

  2. Mobis21 says:

    Vato what do you mean to say by that comment?

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