2014 Equus Teased

Hyundai Equus 2014 -Model Year teased ahead of the New York Auto Show premiere!

The surprising success of the Hyundai Equus in the US proves that there is indeed a market for the Korean luxury car that retails for $60-65,000.

All “Gangham Style” references aside, the car has gained popularity by delivering a real touch of opulence and elegance without the price tag that normally comes with that.

Not only does it come in at 5 figures less than its German and Japanese competitors, it does so with the same features, as well as Hyundai’s legendary 10-year warranty.

UPDATE: US-specs 2014 Equus Released in the USA!


Hyundai has now revealed a little teaser shot of the 2014 Equus, and while it’s not the greatest picture in the world, there are still some things that can be seen that give us an idea of what to expect.

At the front of the car there is a center-mounted camera on the grille which, we assume, will be used for parking and collision avoidance technologies.

The grille now has thinly connected bars on the sides, which is very much the look we are used to seeing on the 2013 Santa Fe. The headlights look as though they have been changed a little, although the basic shape remains unchanged.

It’s hard to tell from the poorly lit picture, but the arcing character line down the back of the car looks very similar to what was used in the HCD-14 concept car that made an appearance in Detroit.

Earlier pictures of a camouflaged 2014 Equus showed that the trunk remained pretty much unchanged from the current model. Prototype testing shots revealed that aggressive looking turbine wheels would be added in favor of the lackluster nine-spoke chrome rims used now.

There really isn’t that much info about the 2014 Hyundai Equus at the moment, but if you believe the rumors, then it will retain its current 5.0L V8 engine in the U.S., packing 429 horsepower.

The one difference, if rumors are to be believed, is that the current 8-speed automatic transmission will be replaced by an in-house designed 10-speed.

All those questions will be answered when the 2014 Equus makes its debut on March 27th at the New York Auto Show.

It is believed that the new model will be sleeker and more US-oriented, shich means it will move away from the conservative Korean styling of old.

Also expect a more luxurious offering, as well as a number of technological upgrades that will allow it to compete with the big names in the premium category.

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  1. Mobis21 says

    I’m all for the improvements. Just one question that will be mightily more important about this refresh and that is…does it drive, ride and handle a 100 times better than the current model?

    That’d better be a resounding yes for Hyundai’s sake.

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