Don’t Change Tires On Hyundai Accent Like That!

This is how you should NOT change tires on your brand-new Hyundai Accent!

We have all seen those action movies where a car ends up on two wheels, with the hero still somehow able to control it perfectly.

Whilst it would be easy to dismiss such a stunt as a special effect, there is now video showing that it really can be done, although this one goes a little further than the standard car on two wheels stunt.

Little is known about the video in question, but the text at the beginning and end make it pretty clear that it was filmed in a Arab-speaking country.

There are several set-up shots of the driver taking his Hyundai Accent sedan up and ramp to get it on two wheels, but it’s after that where the action really picks up.

Once the car hits the open road, a passenger emerges from the rear of the car and sets about the act of changing one of the rear tires.

We are not exactly sure when such a stunt would be necessary in a real world driving situation, but it certainly is fun to watch.

We think we’ll simply settle for pulling over to the side of the road and using a jack the next time out Hyundai needs a tire changed.

Hyundai Accent Tire Change Video

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