Hyundai Boosting New Genesis Production To Meet Rising Demand

Hyundai’s new Genesis has gained nothing but positive remarks from automobile media worldwide. Furthermore, the luxury sedan has also experienced a robust demand from consumers, which is why Hyundai is looking to boost the models production by more than 22,000 units this year. Hyundai’s manufacturing plant in Ulsan used to produce 20 Genesis models per […]

Oil Change Coupons, Deals For Hyundai Genesis Sedan

When you pay a little more to go with a luxury vehicle like the Hyundai Genesis, it becomes more important than ever to make sure that the car is well maintained. Regular service appointments are an absolute must, as are putting the car in for oil changes when it is time. Car owners often become […]

Hyundai Genesis 2015 Review – Road Test

What was once referred to internally as the DH (development codename) can now be referred to as its street name: the 2015 Hyundai Genesis! The outgoing Genesis model showed consumers worldwide that Hyundai were more than capable of delivering a car that could compete in the premium segment. The previous-generation model was a great looking […]

A Carmaker That Makes The Genesis Luxury Car

Who makes the Genesis luxury sedan? Well, there are still some people out-there that do not know where does the Genesis rear-wheel-drive luxury car come from! So, let’s find out which carmaker is manufacturing the hot-selling Genesis sedan! The answer is: HYUNDAI Hyundai Motor Company, the fifth largest automaker in the world, manufactures the Genesis […]

3 Cool High-Tech Features Of The New 2015 Genesis Luxury Sedan

If you visit the Hyundai media website, you will run across a blog named ‘Hyundai Like Sunday,’ complete with the ‘Truth, Candor & Conversation’ tagline. The latest entry talks about three great features found in the upcoming 2015 Hyundai Genesis. This is the type of thing that falls into the overblown hype category, but Rob […]

Hyundai Genesis – Europe Here We Come!

The Geneva Motor Show is a big deal for Hyundai, as that is where the all-new Genesis got its European unveiling. The car is a clear message from Hyundai that they are committed to delivering new levels of luxury and technology to the European consumer. The Genesis will be available in limited numbers, but those […]

Hyundai Genesis To Be Released In Europe

Hyundai is hoping to gain a foothold in the European luxury sedan market dominated by the Germans with the release of the new Genesis. Specifically, they will be first setting their sites on Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and southern Europe. The Genesis will officially be unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show next week and should […]