Car Spy Shots: Hyundai Genesis Interior Filmed

The second generation of the Hyundai Genesis sedan has taken to the streets again, with a crew from KGP SpyPhotography able to get a few shots of the Michigan-plated car, both inside and out.

The photographer who was on hand to get the shots believes that the new model was equipped with Hyundai’s upcoming 10-speed automatic transmission.

The first time that particular transmission was mentioned was by Hyundai president Park Seong Hyon back in 2010.

The spy photographer was sure that the 10-speed was installed in the car because he said it was obvious that the car just kept on shifting.

Another good look at the 2015 Genesis Interior… spy shots!

Next-generation Genesis Video

Inside Look

The exterior of the 2014 Genesis sedan was recently rendered based on a little bit of test car intel combined with the appearance of the HCD-14 Concept.

This time around, though, the photographer was able to snap a few shots of the Genesis’  interior.

The layout and dashboard design is pretty comparable with the newly updated Equus sedan, which we will all be able to see at the upcoming New York International Auto Show.

One of the main features of the interior is a BMW-like automatic gearbox lever. Also included are a wide lower center console and a large LCD screen.

Of not is the fact that this will be the first time in the history of the model that the 2014 Hyundai Genesis will come with an all-wheel drive option, although perhaps only with the base V6 engine. [Source: KGP SpyPhotography]

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