2014 Equus Launched In USA, Already Available At Your Local Dealership

The 2014 Hyundai Equus is set to arrive in dealerships in the next few days, with a price tag that falls thousands of dollars below that of its competitors.

The refreshed luxury sedan will come in at an MSRP of $61,000 for the base model and $68,000 for the Ultimate trim level.

The prices were announced at a media event last week and do not include the $920 destination fee on each model.

Subtle Styling For 2014 Model Year

There are a few minor changes to the exterior of the 2014 model, including 19-inch, turbine-blade polished silver wheels.

The interior gets a completely reworked instrument panel, center stack and center console, as well as a redesigned shift lever.

The Equus comes with a 5.0-liter Tau double overhead camshaft V8 engine, producing 429 horsepower at 6,400 rpm and 376 lb.-ft. of torque at 5,000 rpm

2014-EquusOf the more than 800 dealershios across the country, only 400 are certified to sell the Equus. Those dealerships have a showroom within a showroom concept to show off the car.

Hyundai has said that the Equus has been positioned to go head to head against the likes of the Lexus LS 460, Mercedes S550 and BMW 750i.

All three of those vehicles have price points that start at more than $71,000.

Hyundai sold 1,527 Equus models through June, a 30% decrease over the previous year, with much of the blame for that going to the capacity constraints facing all Hyundai models.

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