Video: 2014 Centennial Previews Equus Facelift

Hyundai has released three new videos of the updated version of the 2014 Centennial luxury sedan, or Equus as it’s known in other parts, with the car set to make its debut at the upcoming New York Auto Show.

We will likely have to wait until that date before we get all the details of the North American model, but the feeling is that it will get the same design and technology upgrades as the Korean version.

The car is known as the Equus there, too, with the Centennial tag used in the Middle East.

As far as styling goes, the Korean-market version gets a newly designed front grille and a little less chrome.

One the inside there are a number of new trim pieces, as well as new buttons, switches, and a shifter that is sure to remind many of the ones found in BMW’s.

Hyundai has come more in line with other luxury car makers by doing away with the analog cluster on the Equus, replacing it with an LCD unit.

This is something that is regularly found in luxury vehicles, and as Hyundai are now trying to boost their brand image, the addition of such technological upgrades is now considered a must.

Other features included in the new model are a reworked adaptive cruise control, a HUD (head-up display), all-round view cameras, selectable driving modes, as well as Blind Spot Detection – a must nowadays.

Hyundai Motor America unveils the 2014 Equus luxury sedan. Click here to find more info about it…

2014 Hyundai Centennial Videos

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