2012 Hyundai Azera release date set for November 2011

By Hyundai-Blog

All-new 2012 Hyundai Azera to make its official U.S. public premiere at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show in November!

Hyundai Motor America’s CEO, John Krafcik, revealed today that the carmaker plans to unveil its all-new Azera near-luxury sedan in November. Also known as Hyundai Grandeur in South Korea, the 2012 Hyundai Azera is slated to make its first public appearance at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show, which kicks off on November 16.

According to Krafcik, Hyundai engineers are currently working on ride and handling tuning, while the car has been in the final phase of pre-production testing. The new model will arrive at Hyundai dealerships as a 2012 model and will go on sale shortly after its public L.A. premiere.

Positioned in-between the hot-selling Sonata mid-size sedan and the 2012 Genesis luxury sedan, the 2012 Azera utilizes front-wheel-drive architecture.  Under the hood, the 2012 Azera is expected to feature a 3.3L GDI V6 engine. Those who have seen the car already say the engine will produce more than 300 horsepower. Mated to the direct-injected V6 engine will be the carmaker’s in-house developed 6-speed automatic transmission.

More details about the new Azera are expected to hit the web closer to the car’s official November 2011 launch. Stay tuned!

 2012 Hyundai Azera release date set for November 2011

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19 Responses to 2012 Hyundai Azera release date set for November 2011

  1. Heywood Joblome says:

    Wheres the “Black Painted” Exterior Door Handles like the 2012 Accent GLS Base Sedan gets?

  2. FastLane says:

    @Haywood. What are you talking about. This isn’t the cheap yet peppy accent. This is their avalon, taurus, and maxima competitor…you ain’t getting black door handles.

  3. attaboy says:

    if thet don’t drop new Azera in canada they will put chromed door handle on american Azera!
    But i prefer a car with no door handles at all just a remote operated ones for this kind of car!

  4. HyundaiHai says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I’ve been asking here for months about the 2012 Azera and now we finally know a new model will be coming out. A standard V-6 will set it apart from the Sonota, which only offers 4 cylinder engines. Some more upscale features (HIDs, PLEASE)will help the Azera carve out a nice portion of the market.

  5. Mackeyju says:

    my hyundai rep just left, he said that we should see it in show rooms around december to 1st quarter 2012.
    Also the velocter will be hitting grounds next month.

  6. Josh Sanders says:

    I’ve been heavily researching the new Azera for almost a year. So far it has increased it’s value all around. The following are some of the options I’ve seen on this vehicle already. Smart access with push button start. LED “brow” above the HID headlamps. LED wrap around tail lamps. High mounted LED stop light. Panoramic roof. I think they had rain sensing wipers. Auto defogging system. Rearview camera with guidance lines. Saw a few with a front view camera. Larger center stack with improved navigation. I’ve seen the navigation with a birds-eye-view and 3D overlay. I’ve also seen JBL and Dolby audio emblems in some of the vehicles, but I believe the US will get an 8 speaker Infinity system. Aux, iPod and USB integration. Supervision cluster in gauges. Automatic Parking Assist System with parking sensors front and rear.  Adaptive cruise control. LED mood lighting throughout the vehicle (blue). Unique LED lighting in center consoles. Illuminated door sills. Power rear sunshade. Manual rear side window sunshades. Electronic parking brake. Multi-function steering wheel. Bluetooth. Active Eco. Cooled glovebox. Dual automatic climate control. Heated and ventilated front seats. Heated steering wheel. Heated rear seats. Driver seat with massage functions. Memory front seats with lumbar and seat cushion extender.  Power seat control for driver and passenger on doors like in Mercedes. Rear fold down armrest with slideout cupholders, mutifunction buttons and storage bin. Three interior colors: beige, black, dark brown. Three different trim options including 2 wood accents and a carbon fiber option. Trim also on steering wheel. It has the same black floor and footwells as Sonata and Genesis. More airbags including knee and rear side air bags. Three wheel options. Power folding sideview mirrors with LED turn signal indicators. Chrome tipped dual exhaust integrated into the bumper. I believe it will have a 6-speed automatic transmission mated to a GDi V6 engine. No paddle shifters that I’ve noticed. That’s all for now…

  7. Hope they get the ride and handling right the first time. I made the mistake on buying the then flagship Genesis Sedan in 2009. I have written several times to Hyundai to address this problem of suspension issues. I knew it was the first model year for this car, but I trusted Hyundai as they have become known for quality. I thought if anything went wrong Hyundia would do the right thing………. I was wrong. I am still waiting from July of this year for them to get back to me. Antoinette what happened? So far nothing. Let the buyer beware especially on the introduction of a new model. Believe the reviews from the experts and owners. I actually take some of the blame. So now you have been warned!

  8. Don Smith says:

    My 2007 Azera has had road vibe problems from day 1. it took several trips to find out the right front wheel was out-of-round tolerance(TIR). This was NOT a tire problem. I’ve always had annoying vibe problems on certain Florida roads. At first I thought it was flat sptting on the tires. I’m now convinced it is a suspension problem tied to a “critical” frequency range. I’m interested in the 2012 Azera but i’ll have to road test it on certain roads in Central Fl before I’d buy.

  9. Alex says:

    The only problem the new Azera might face is the stylish and high tech interior might put off older, conservative buyers – the people who usually go for larger saloons like the Avalon, Impala and Azera.

  10. DandyDon says:

    I have an ’07 Azzy Limited and love it…on several trips to NY (700 mi) getting 29.8 mpg! at 68 mph avg…about 425 mi on a fillup!…put on upgraded tires and ride is smooth albeit a bit floaty…friends impressed with quality of build, luxo bits like rear window screen, etc…like the looks of new Azera but will have to see in person before buying next year. Friend has both Genny and Veracruz and happy with both…Love to get a Genny but I think more bang for buck in Azzy plus front wheel drive! Go Hyundai!

  11. NelsonT says:

    I have a 2011 Sonata Ltd. I am very unhappy with the road noise. So, I will be looking at the new Azera, when it debuts. And, I will give it a thorough road test, before buying.

  12. Alex says:

    Sorry to hear that NelsonT.

    I’ve driven the 6th generation Sonata and found the ride too stiff for my liking, but the road noise was more than tolerable.

    Can you please provide more details on the problems you’re facing?

  13. Joanne vonPrisk says:

    I have an 2006 Azera and have been very pleased with one exception. There has been an intermittent starting problem that my dealership has not been able to pinpoint. It can happen at any given time; after several attempts of trying to turn over; will start just fine. Perhaps not surface again for a couple weeks or more or perhaps the next hour or day. It always does start and have been dealing with this for the past 4 yrs. Anybody out there have any ideas?

    Well, I think the 2012 looks and sounds great and can’t wait to try it out!

    • Joanne vonPrisk says:

      I know it has been a while since my original post and am sorry that I did not think to update this sooner. Finally on Sept 11, 2011…the service manager at Larry Miller Hyundai kept the vehicle and was able to track the problem to the IMMOBILE ANTENNA assembly around ignition lock cylinder and replaced at no charge to me even though vehicle had been out of warranty by then. Hooked up GDS; Received code P1693. If anyone is still having the same problem; it is PART #95401-3L000 Antenna AS. It is still a good vehicle and I am keeping it for another year at least.
      Best of luck to all!!

  14. Alex says:

    Joanne – the 2011 Sonata has this problem as well – I experienced it several times with different rental Sonatas.

  15. Sounds like Hyundai is getting complacent with their success leaving many customers dissatisfied. It is only a matter of time before this affects their sales, much like the American made cars of yesterday. Not all customers are like Joanne who is looking forward to another Azera after dealing with her problem for four years and no remedy.

  16. John Galligan says:

    I have a 2011 Sonata and am very disappointed in the noisy ride. It’s those Kumho tires. Unless one is driving on smooth concrete or asphalt, the road noise is terrible. Also, for my vehicle, 5,000 miles, the engine and exhaust noise is unsatisfactory. Unlike a Honda, a person can hear the engine running and the exhaust puffs noisily. I am already looking to trade it in as soon as I find a better car. Gas mileage around 40 mpg was the reason we purchased.

  17. Vito J Altieri says:

    My 2006 Azera has been what I have wished in a car– Good millage, comfortable riding with very little problems that were minor and corrected by the dealership who has excellent customer service. Looking forward to checking out the new Azera!

  18. Steve says:

    To Joanne vonPrisk
    I have the same intermittent starting problem on my 2007 Azera. I found the following advice on another site. Show this to your dealer. I am going to show it to mine.
    “Remove the battery for access room… remove the negative cable from the fender panel there, and grind the paint (insulation) to bare steel where the lug on the end of cable would sit. Apply a coat of antisieze or other thick grease and re-assemble cable end to the fender as found,, re-install battery and give it a whirl. Hyundai and their stupid painted grounds.. great way to cut current flow when you need it most.”

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