2011 Hyundai Sonata video commercial: car swap

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  1. Brick says:

    I like this commerical but come on what two cars do they put near the sonata. Outdated ones. To the right is the last gen malibu and behind it i assume is impala. Then they go and hide the camry behind the malibu. If they really wanted to send a message they should have put a camry or honda right near it cause those are the sales leaders.

    @The Pill
    Dude we get it, the sales for the new sonata are really strong. Thats a good thing but do you have to spam this message in every sonata posting. Its not like we dont know this.

  2. The Pill says:

    Brick this is a news worthy story because it has been forever since any Hyundai model sold here in the U.S. was at this level of demand.

    By the way even though Camry and Accord are seeing sales increases in 2010, both model’s sales numbers are still off year over year by double digits.

    But fyi my additional post on inventory tightening on the Sonata was based on some of the comments that claimed that the Alabama plant could maintain capacity if demand continued to rise.

    Get used to seeing the supply and demand for Sonatas become an important news story as more and more consumers realize that they don’t have overpay for quality and reliability.

  3. Brick says:

    Well in case you don’t know they do have a capacity to build 300k units a year. When adjusting 70% for sonatas thats still 210k units..Im pretty sure they had this all planned when they started building these new sonata so you don’t have to worry about there supply being tight. Now if they had to exceed 210k units thats where then will be a problem which i dont see happening.

    So far they’ve sold about 36k units. If that level remains at 18k a month with 8 months left thats only 144k til the end of the year not including the turbo coming. So if i got my math right thats 180k units sold this year. Im pretty sure sales will level off at around 10-12k each month. They would have no problem building.

  4. The Pill says:

    You’re wrong on the numbers. Part of those numbers you counted did not include subtracting numbers Hyundai has to export to Canada. And don’t expect that those exports won’t grow! The turbos alone will add another 30 thousand unit sales. Why No mention of the Hybrid?

    Also, as far as their planning goes, yes they did expect the market share to increase for Sonatas, but not this fast and not at this pace.

  5. Derrick G says:

    The Hybrid won’t be built in Montgomery; it’ll be imported from S. Korea.

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