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Exclusive News: Hyundai Product Momentum Show!

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Hyundai fans may want to circle December 10th on their calendar, as that is when the Koreans will be unveiling 4 new vehicles at their Product Momentum Show.

Even with the date of the show so close, Hyundai are remaining very tight-lipped about the vehicles that will be shown, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t hazard a guess.

One clue is the fact that the Hyundai Shell World Rally Team will be in attendance at the event, which means the 2015 i20 WRC model is likely to be one of the four vehicles that will be shown off.

That leads to another possibility that is incredibly exciting, but before we get to that, let’s talk about what else might be on display. You could take your pick of the i30 facelift, the refreshed i40, or the i30 N hot hatchback also being included in the mix. Any of those vehicles would be a fine addition to the show, but there is another that we really hope will be included.

That would be the Hyundai i20 N hot hatchback, which is the Koreans first foray into the hot hatch market. This will be the first vehicle released under the performance N nameplate, and we believe this event would be the perfect place to introduce it to the world.

We can all debate what vehicle will be on show for the next few days, but until then why not take a moment to take a look at what we think the i20 WRC and i20 N might look like!

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